Institutional Review Board



IRB Roster

The composition of the Board is in accordance with the regulations of both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Public Health Service (PHS). The IRB is duly constituted, fulfilling all requirements for experience, expertise, and diversity to appropriately review protocols submitted to the IRB for consideration including protocols in which vulnerable populations are asked to participate. When necessary, consultants with additional expertise are asked to contribute to Board discussions. 

In order to avoid individual contacts to members of the IRB, it is the operating procedure of the LSUHSC-NO IRB office to not release the membership list. LSUHSC-NO has written a memorandum describing our procedure regarding disclosure of IRB Membership that can be provided to sponsors when they request the roster. 


Joining the Board 

Please reach out to Dr. Michael E. Hagensee, Chair of the IRB, at or the IRB Staff at if you are interested in joining the Board.