Institutional Review Board


It is the policy of LSUHSC-NO to charge for IRB review of industry-sponsored studies as a mechanism to support the administrative costs of such reviews. Such fees typically do not apply to clinical research supported by federal grants. However, non-LSUHSC-NO sites in federally sponsored multicenter clinical research studies for which the LSUHSC-NO IRB has agreed to provide oversight as the Single IRB of record are also charged fees to cover costs that would not otherwise be incurred. Relying sites should include such costs in their portion of the grant budget.


IRB of Record

Review Type


LSUHSC IRB Initial - Full Board  $2,500 per study
Initial - Expedited  $1,500 per study
Initial - Exempt  $1,000 per study
Renewal - Full Board*  $1,000/$1,500 each
Renewal - Expedited*  $500/$750 each
Amendments - Full Board  $500 each
Amendments - Expedited (excluding Personnel Changes)  $250 each
LSUHSC IRB as Single IRB of Record (Federal Funding) Initial - External Sites   $1,500 per site
Renewal - Full Board   $750 per site
Renewal - Expedited   $250 per site
Amendments with Consent Changes   $250 per site
Commercial IRB Reliance Request (one-time fee)   $2,000 per study
*If submitted less than two [2] weeks before the study expiration date and requiring immediate review, the higher rate will be charged. 
Lower rates may be accepted from private foundations if dictated by foundation policy (documentation required).