HRP-2250 Standard Joint Consent/HIPAA Template - Complete Instructions 3.1
HRP-2251 Standard Joint Consent/HIPAA Template - Minimal Instructions 3.1
HRP-2251UMC LSUHSC-UMC Joint Consent/HIPAA Template - Minimal instructions (Use when UMC is a performance site)  3.1
HRP-2251OLOL LSUHSC-OLOL Joint Consent/HIPAA Template - Minimal instructions (Use when OLOL is a performance site) 3.1
HRP-2252 Short Consent Form - English 1.0
HRP-2253 Short Consent Form - French 1.0
HRP-2254 Short Consent Form - Spanish 1.0
HRP-2255 Short Consent Form - Vietnamese 1.0
  CHNOLA-LSUHSC Joint Consent Form 1.0
HRP-2254CH CHNOLA-LSUHSC Joint Short Consent Form (Spanish) 1.0
HRP-2257 Emergency Use of a Test Article Consent Template 1.1
HRP-2257CH CHNOLA-LSUHSC Joint EUTA Consent Template 1.0
HRP-2257.1 Non-Emergency Use of a Test Article Consent Template 1.0
HRP-2258 HUD Treatment Consent Template 1.4
HRP-2259 Exempt Research Information Sheet 1.2
HRP-2260 Case Report Consent Template 1.1
HRP-2261 Biorepository Consent Template 1.0
HRP-2262 Pregnant Partner Consent Template 1.0
HRP-2263 Verbal Informed Consent Information Sheet Template 1.0
HRP-2264 Verbal Consenting Script Template 1.0
HRP-2265 Assent Template - Ages 7-12 (Use only when CHNOLA is not a Site) 1.0
HRP-2266 Assent Template - Ages 13-17 (Use only when CHNOLA is not a Site) 1.0
  LSUHSC ICF Cover Letter Template (Attach when using sponsor consent template) 1.0
  CHNOLA-LSUHSC ICF Cover Letter Template 1.0

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              LSUHSC prefers use of our local-approved template; however, if the study team wishes to use the Sponsor template, the LSUHSC ICF Cover Letter must be provided along with the Sponsor consent, or the required language must be embedded into the form. If the designated reviewer does not feel that the Sponsor template contains all the appropriate information or that the quality is poor, the reviewer reserves the right to request the team switch to use of the local-approved template.