Human Resources


LSU Health Sciences Center at New Orleans (LSUHSC-NO) is committed to promoting an atmosphere that prevents discrimination against individuals with disabilities, to bringing persons with disabilities into the social and economic mainstream, to providing enforceable standards to address discrimination against individuals with disabilities, and to providing reasonable accommodations or auxiliary aids or services for persons with disabilities.

LSUHSC-NO prohibits discrimination and harassment against persons with disabilities in all activities, programs, public services, transportation, public accommodations, information technology, and employment. It is the policy of LSUHSC-NO that equal treatment and opportunity will be provided to all persons, without regard to disability, in the recruitment of, admission to, participation in, or employment in the programs, activities, and events operated and sponsored by LSUHSC-NO.


Employee Accommodation Procedures

  • The employee should complete and submit the Employee Request for Reasonable Accommodation Form.

  • The employee’s healthcare provider should complete and submit the Accommodation Request Medical Inquiry Form as necessary for any disability or need that is not obvious.

  • The employee should contact to begin the interactive process.

  • The employee will participate in an interactive process meeting with the Employee Relations Manager to discuss specific needs and accommodation requests.

  • The Employee Relations Manager will discuss the implementation of reasonable accommodations with the employee’s supervisor.

  • The employee and Employee Relations Manager will have ongoing communication about the effectiveness of the accommodation.