Research Poster Printing - Dental Library


Poster printing at the Dental Library is currently unavailable as of February 2022.

Please see the instructions for printing at the Isché Library here.


Research poster printing is a service provided by the Dental Library but funded by the School of Dentistry. Poster printing is only available for the School of Dentistry faculty, staff and students.


  • All posters submitted to the library staff to be printed on the poster-printer located in the library must be the final draft, include measurements, and have a maximum height of 42 inches.  Be sure to check if the event being attended has requirements for poster dimensions.  Please note that the library staff is not responsible for proofreading posters or for any content errors.
  • All posters must be submitted directly to the Dental Library ( two library business days before requested pick-up time.  “Submitted” is defined as: 1) this policy form initialed by the mentor or faculty member having reviewed and approved the 11x17 proof and size requirements. 2) This form initialed by Dental Library staff stating that the digital file was received.
  • Posters must be submitted at least two library business days before requested pick-up time.  Posters may only be picked up during library operating hours.  For example, posters submitted on Wednesday will be available for pick up by Friday, while posters submitted on Thursday will be available for pickup by Sunday.
  • Only authorized personnel are allowed to operate the poster-printer.  The printer will only be operated from within the library; remote access by anyone to the printer is strictly forbidden.
  • Students and faculty are limited to one printed academic poster free-of-charge and one reprint if revisions are needed.  There will be a $50.00 fee for any additional posters printed because of more revisions or damaged after pick-up from library.
  • Posters that are greater than 52 inches in width but less than 59 inches may be printed at the Isché Library.

How to Submit:

  1. Email your poster (with dimensions) to the Dental Library (  Be sure to CC your approving faculty mentor in this email.
  2. We will reply with a proof for you to check, and a fillable form.
  3. Complete and email form with faculty member’s approval.
  4. We will email you when the poster is finished and ready for pickup.



Updated February 2022