Printing at the Isché Library

When you need to print a document, printers are available in the Isché Library on the 3rd and 4th Floors. Print release stations are next to both of the printers. The 3rd Floor printer does black and white printouts only, and the 4th Floor printer also does full color.

  • Charges and payment
    • Black and white printouts are 10 cents per page; 14 cents double-sided; color printouts are 25 cents per page
    • To print you need to have funds in your PayPaw account accessible via your LSUHSC-NO i.d.
      • The Health Sciences Bookstore on the 2nd Floor of the Resource Center accepts credit cards, checks, and cash
      • Credit cards are accepted online via the PayPaw website
      • The PayPaw value transfer machines on the 3rd Floor of the Library and the MEB Atrium accept cash only; you may also purchase a guest card for $1 at these stations
  • How to send a print job
    • All computers in the Library and the Library Commons are set up to print to the stations on the 3rd and 4th Floors
    • Laptops issued by LSUHSC-NO such as those issued by the School of Medicine are able to wirelessly connect to the 3rd and 4th Floor printers
    • Select the printer option with the "3" in its name or the 3rd Floor printer and select the one with "4" for the 4th Floor printer
    • When you send your document you will be prompted for a user i.d. and password
      • This is not your LSUHSC-NO i.d. and password; choose something easy that will help you identify your print job at the release station and it can even be a single character for each
  • Retrieving your print job
    • Go to the computer/release station next to the printer on the 3rd or 4th Floor where you sent your job
    • Swipe your LSUHSC-NO i.d. card or PayPaw guest card in the reader at the release station
    • Select your job according to the user i.d. you made when you sent your document to print
    • Enter the password you created when you sent your document to the printer
    • Your document will now print and you will be charged


There is no charge if you want to scan a document and send it via email or save it to a USB drive using the copiers on the 3rd or 5th Floors of the Isché Library. Library staff can assist you with this or any other questions about printing and scanning.

We also have a handout with all of the information for printing and scanning at the Isché Library.

Updated November 2021