Book Classification

Finding Print Books or Monographs in the LSUHSC Libraries

The LSUHSC Libraries uses the National Library of Medicine System of Classification to organize books by subject. Each Call Number corresponds to a specific subject.

To browse books, identify the subject you need below and then go to that section.

Preclinical Sciences
  QS   Human Anatomy QW  Microbiology and Immunology  
  QT   Physiology QX   Parasitology  
  QU    Biochemistry QY   Clinical Pathology  
  QV   Pharmacology QZ   Pathology  
Medicine and Related Subjects
  W   Health Professions WN   Radiology, Diagnostic Imaging  
  WA   Public Health WO   Surgery  
  WB   Practice of Medicine WP   Gynecology  
  WC   Communicable Diseases WQ   Obstetrics  
  WD    Disorders of Systemic, Metabolic or Environmental Origin, etc. WR   Dermatology  
  WE   Musculoskeletal System WS   Pediatrics  
  WF   Respiratory System WT   Geriatrics. Chronic Disease  
  WG   Cardiovascular System WU   Dentistry. Oral Surgery  
  WH   Hemic and Lymphatic Systems WV   Otorhinolaryngology  
  WI    Digestive System WW  Ophthalmology  
  WJ    Urogenital System

WX    Hospitals and Other Health Facilities


  WK   Endocrine System WY    Nursing  
  WL   Nervous System WZ   History of Medicine  
  WM   Psychiatry    

Updated April 2023