Campus Health

Peer Advocate Liaison Program (PAL)

The Peer Advocate Liaison Program (PAL) helps students access resources when they are experiencing personal or academic difficulties. PALs are classmates who have been educated about available on- and off-campus resources, and they can assist their peers in contacting these resources. If you are having academic problems or problems with depression, alcohol, drugs, or relationships and want to learn more about available resources, contact your student PAL representative.



LSUHSC-NO recognizes that everyone, at sometime, needs a “helping hand” or assistance. The PALs can assist you with finding information for problems in the following areas.

  • Family, marital or relationship problems
  • Adjustment to a new environment
  • Alcohol or drug concerns
  • Mental health issues
  • Academic problems
  • Excessive stress
  • Health concerns

Your student PAL representatives have been selected by their fellow classmates. Their responsibilities include serving as a resource guide to fellow students for available resources on- and off-campus and developing and promoting primary prevention for the LSUHSC-NO student community.

Additional Information



Please contact CAP staff at (504) 568-8888 or if you are interested in being a PAL representative.

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