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LSUHSC Wellness Committee

The goal of the LSUHSC Wellness Committee is to promote holistic health and well-being among faculty, staff, residents, and students throughout the academic and work environment and to foster a culture that supports healthy lifestyle choices.

The Wellness Committee of LSUHSC focuses on promoting the well-being of the LSUHSC community through various initiatives and events. These events and programs are designed to improve both the physical and mental health of faculty, staff, residents, and students. Examples of these initiatives include the "Wellness Through Mindfulness" course, which aims to promote mindfulness as a tool for stress management, and the "Spring into Wellness - 21 Day Challenge", which encourages participants to focus on various aspects of their well-being for 21 days.

Through the implementation and support of numerous health and wellness initiatives by the Wellness Committee, LSUHSC-New Orleans has been designated a Level 1 WellSpot by the Louisiana Department of Health. This recognition is awarded to companies and institutions that meet specific criteria related to physical activity, nutrition, tobacco cessation, and overall wellness by implementing corresponding strategies and programs for their employees, members, and students.

The committee is led by Dr. Margaret Bishop-Baier and includes members such as the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, staff from the Campus Assistance Programs and Wellness Center, deans, professionals from the different schools of LSUHSC, and other relevant experts. The committee meets regularly once a quarter to develop and implement new ideas and initiatives. It also regularly invites guests from various fields to ensure that the committee's actions meet the needs and concerns of the entire community.

Overall, the LSUHSC Wellness Committee is committed to making a significant contribution to the well-being of the LSUHSC community by utilizing available resources and expertise and to create an environment that promotes learning and working and where all members feel welcome and supported.



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