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Student Health, Wellness, Safety & Academic Resources

Welcome to the LSUHSC-NO Student Campus Health, Wellness, Safety and Academic Resource page. This site provides a list of on-campus programs and resources available to all students at LSU Health Sciences Center in New Orleans.

If you have an emergency or need immediate assistance, please contact:

LSUHSC Campus Police
(504) 568-8999

Local Police Department

Academic Performance Resources in LSUHSC-NO (APRIL)

APRIL provides an umbrella of academic support services for all students at LSUHSC-NO.

Americans with Disabilities Act

Students who have an ADA concern should contact the Office of Disability Services at or (504) 568-2211.

Behavioral Sciences Center

Offers outpatient treatment, including evaluation, medication management and psychotherapy. Also offers academic and neuropsychological testing to determine the presence of attention, learning, or psychological disorders affecting the following areas: intelligence, academic performance, memory, attention and concentration, and psychological functioning. For more information, call (504) 412-1580.

Campus Assistance Program (CAP)

Offers problem assessment, short-term counseling, and community referral information, as well as a 24-hour crisis line for students and their immediate family members. CAP services are free of charge and confidential. For the crisis line or to make an appointment, call (504) 568-8888.

Child & Family Counseling Clinic 

The LSU Health Child and Family Counseling Clinic is an outpatient mental health clinic designed to provide mental health services to children, adolescents, and their families.  It is affiliated with the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center and is housed in the School of Allied Health in the Department of Counseling as a teaching, training, and research facility.  The Child & Family Counseling Clinic provides individual, group, and family mental health services as well as psychological/psychoeducational evaluations.  Appointments may be scheduled by calling 504-556-3451 or emailing  Appointments will be scheduled based on clinician availability and scope of practice.

University Police

The Campus Police are here to help you, and your safety and security is their primary goal. The Chief is available to consult with you about any potential safety issues. Additionally, they have police officers that have been trained specifically to deal with individuals who have been victims of domestic violence and other crimes. For emergencies or additional information, call (504) 568-8999.

Department of Communication Disorders

Provides comprehensive assessments, interventions and treatments in speech-language pathology and audiology. For more information call (504) 568-4348.

Drug Testing Program

The Drug Testing Program offers confidential urine and breath alcohol testing to the LSUHSC community.  For more information call (504) 568-8888.

Off-Campus Professional Counseling

Provides free, confidential assessment, crisis intervention, referrals, and brief counseling for students of LSUHSC-New Orleans.  Long-term counseling services also available. For an appointment contact Irena Schmidt, LCSW at (504) 236-2623.

Office of Diversity and Inclusion

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at LSU Health Sciences Center - New Orleans is committed to building and sustaining an academic and professional environment that welcomes diversity among its students, faculty, and staff.  For more information contact Alicia Edwards, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Diversity, equity, and Inclusion at  

Peer Advocate Liaison Program (PAL)

The Peer Advocate Liaison Program (PAL) helps students access resources when they are experiencing personal or academic difficulties. PALs are classmates who have been educated about available on- and off-campus resources, and they can assist their peers in contacting these resources. If you are having academic problems or problems with depression, alcohol, drugs, or relationships and want to learn more about available resources, contact your student PAL representative. For a list of these representatives, contact your Student Affairs office or look for PAL singage within your School.

Psychological Services Center

Located on the Baton Rouge campus, the facility offers diagnostic and outpatient therapeutic psychological services, as well as psychological testing to determine the presence of an attention, learning, or psychological disorder.  Evaluations are offered for a flat fee and are performed by Clinical Psychology doctoral students who are closely supervised by LSU faculty.  For more information, call (225) 578-1494.

Student Affairs Personnel

Allied Health Professions: Yudi Cazanas (504) 568-4253

Dentistry: Darlene Brunet, RDH, MEd (504) 941-8122

Graduate Studies: Leigh Smith-Vaniz (504) 568-2211

Medicine: Cathy Lazarus, MD (504) 568-4874

Nursing: Todd Tartavoulle, DNS, APRN, CNS-BC (504) 568-4013

Public Health: Isabel Billiot, MEd (504) 568-5773

Student Health Clinic

The Louisiana State University Student Health Clinic offers a variety of health services. Physicians and Nurse Practitioners in the Student Health Clinic are board certified.  We provide primary health care, mental health assistance, immunizations, lab tests and x-rays, women's health exams, and exams for away rotations/residency.  No matter who your insurance carrier is, there's no charge for a student health visit in the student health clinic.

Wellness Center

Offers cardiovascular and strength-training equipment, free weights, group exercise classes, and individual fitness assessments. Amenities include locker rooms, shower facilities, saunas, wireless internet, lounge and snack bar area. Located on the 3rd and 4th floors of Stanislaus Hall. For more information call (504) 568-3700.

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