• LSUHSC New Orleans Title IX Coordinator
From PM-73:  "Any student or employee who believes that he or she has been subjected to sexual misconduct or any other violation of this policy has a right to report the conduct to the Campus Title IX Coordinator or to any other responsible person, which includes but is not limited to the campus administrator with responsibility for human resource management, student conduct or the department head of the relevant academic department. When the LSU Title IX Coordinator or the Campus Title IX Coordinator becomes aware of information that indicates that a violation of this policy may have occurred, he/she or their designee shall notify the parties involved of their rights under this policy."

• LSUHSC New Orleans Campus Police
From PM-73:  "Persons who may have experienced criminal sexual misconduct are strongly encouraged to report the offense to campus police or local law enforcement, as well as to the Campus Title IX Coordinator or the persons named above. To the extent possible, the complainant and those who receive the complaint should preserve evidence and not disturb the potential crime scene. The complainant, however, has the legal right not to provide a statement to campus police or law enforcement.”

• Confidential Advisors
From PM-73:  "A person trained in accordance with law and designated by the campus who the student or employee can choose to have support and advise them in accordance with law during the complaint process. This Confidential Advisor may be present during any meeting conducted under this policy to assist and/or consult with the student or employee. This Confidential Advisor may not act as a spokesperson.”

• Responsible Person 
From PM-73:  "Any responsible person who receives actual notice of a complaint under this policy shall promptly notify the Campus Title IX Coordinator, who shall be responsible for notifying the LSU Title IX Coordinator and any campus administrators, who may be involved in the resolution process. Notice of a complaint may or may not come from a formal complaint. Any supervisor, or other responsible party who witnesses or receives a report or complaint, shall notify the Campus Title IX Coordinator. Only individuals employed as mental health counselors, victim's advocates, University chaplains or others designated by the University as provided by law can guarantee confidentiality.