Hoverboard Policy

Safety concerns currently dictate we not permit battery-powered, self-balancing scooter boards (hoverboards) inside any LSUHSC facility until the fire hazard issue is adequately addressed.  This ban includes storage inside vehicles while parked in LSUHSC garages or lots and usage on our elevated walkways.  As such, due to reports of fires and warnings from the National Fire Protection Association  and the Consumer Product Safety Board associated with hoverboards, these devices are prohibited from all campus facilities.

These devices may present a significant fire hazard due to leaking or unstable batteries.  Thus, these devices may not be carried into, operated, charged or stored inside University buildings as part of LSUHSC’s fire protection and prevention efforts for the safety of our students, faculty, staff, and visitors.  Furthermore, the use of these devices on all LSUHSC property, including the elevated walkway, building entrances, parking garages, and surface lots, is prohibited.  Environmental Health and Safety will review and update these measures periodically and make adjustments as the technology of these devices matures.