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The content on these pages is designed for use by LSUHSC-New Orleans sponsored students, exchange visitors and employees. It is not intended to constitute legal advice and is not a substitute for legal counsel.


J-1 Exchange Visitor Scholar Transfer Out

Current LSUHSC-New Orleans J-1 Exchange Visitor Scholars (Short Term Scholars, Research Scholars, Professors) who would like to transfer their J-1 Exchange Visitor program to another DOS approved J Program Sponsor must submit a complete Transfer Out Request Form  with required support documentation to OIS at least 30 days prior to the requested transfer release date.


Before Submitting the Transfer Out Form:

1. Make sure the institution to which you wish to transfer is authorized as a J Exchange Visitor Sponsor in SEVIS and is able to sponsor your category (Research Scholar, Short Term Scholar, Professor, etc.) Transfer to a non-SEVIS institution is not available. While it is possible to change J categories, this requires Department of State approval, which can be difficult to obtain and CANNOT be accomplished through regular transfer procedures. 

2. Ensure the position to which you will transfer is consistent with the program objectives for which the initial DS-2019 form to "Begin a New Program" was issued. This does not mean that you must do the exact same research or activity, but the activity at all institutions must fit within the program objectives for which the program was begun. It may be necessary to obtain a letter from both your current and future supervisor to establish that both positions are compatible with program objectives if this is not apparent from the information submitted on the Transfer Out form.

3. Ensure you will not be outside of the U.S. on or near your requested transfer date. If you are out of the country on the transfer date, this will cause delays in your ability to obtain a new travel endorsed DS-2019 form from your new institution (if they will issue it at all) and may cause you to be unable to re-enter the U.S. Your new institution is also required to report your arrival at their institution no later than 30 days following the transfer date. International travel near your transfer date could delay your arrival beyond the deadline and result in termination of your SEVIS record. You should complete all international travel before your transfer date or wait to receive a new DS-2019 before traveling. 

4. Ensure you are not requesting your record to be transferred out the same day your request is submitted. This kind of request is not possible. Your release date should be 30 days from the date you submit the request, as it takes at least 10 working days to process a transfer out request.

What to Include with the Transfer Out Form:

1. Provide evidence of offer for your future position from the institution to which you will transfer, including title and start date. This is usually contained in the letter of offer. You must submit this with your Transfer Out Request Form. 

2. Find out if the new institution requires you and/or the RO/ARO to complete any forms or paperwork (Transfer In Form, Transfer Clearance Form, etc.). Please include this paperwork (if applicable, already completed by you) with your Transfer Out Request Form submission. 

3. If you will resign your current position to take the new position, provide your letter of resignation with your submission. If you were already given a notice of non-reappointment, provide a copy of the signed notice with your submission. If you will transfer prior to the date on your notice of non-reappointment, you must also submit a resignation letter to your department and attach to the Transfer Out Form.

What happens after the Transfer Out Request is Submitted:

1. International Services will review your request and contact you (or other appropriate persons) by email if additional information or documentation is needed. 

2. Once approved, International Services will set up the transfer in SEVIS using the appropriate transfer date. International Services will notify you when the transfer has been set up in SEVIS.

What happens on the Requested Transfer Date:

The SEVIS transfer date will be the first day your new Program Sponsor can issue your new Form DS-2019. As of the SEVIS transfer date on the form, your SEVIS record will belong to your new Program Sponsor and the transfer cannot be canceled by LSUHSC. It is necessary that you are certain that you wish to transfer to that institution before making the request.