Supply Chain Management

Mail Classes


FIRST CLASS: A letter size envelope weighing one ounce or less. For additional rate information go to:


PRIORITY: Provides preferential handling. Mail weighing up to 13 ounces sent First Class will be treated as Priority Mail. Flat rate envelopes are available.


EXPRESS: Next day delivery by 12 noon or 3:00 p.m. to many destinations. No extra charge for Saturdays or Sundays.


MEDIA MAIL: Used for mailing certain items such as books, circulars, catalogs, and other printed matter.


INTERNATIONAL MAIL:Please go to the Postal web site for this information:


NON-PROFIT: Please contact the mailroom at 568-3008 for information on Bulk mailing and use of LSUHSC mail permits. Special sorting, addressing and handling are required to obtain the lowest available rates.



Envelope Example




POTTS, NY 22132

                                              LSUHSC EYE CENTER

                                              DR. ALAN JOHNSON    

                                              2020 GRAVIER STREET BOX E 3-2

                                              NEW ORLEANS, LA 70112



  • Return address in upper left corner.

  • To address in center of envelope.

  • Address should be typed in all caps (to pass postal scanners).

  • Labels should be straight (not at an angle).