Supply Chain Management

United States Postal Services Extra Services

Certificate of Mailing is a cost-effective way to maintain evidence that mail has been presented to the U.S. Postal Service without obtaining proof of delivery.

Certified Mail provides a mailing receipt, online access to delivery status and a delivery record with the recipients signature, which is maintained by the Postal Service.

Collect on Delivery (COD) allows for a collection of postage and merchandise payment upon delivery.

Delivery Confirmation verifies the date, time and ZIP code location of delivery or attempted delivery.

Insured Mail  provides up to $5,000 coverage for a lost, rifled or damaged item, along with a mailing receipt; bulk insurance discounts are available for authorized mailers who meet the minimum volume.

Registered Mail  provides maximum security and online access to delivery status. Movement of the mail is monitored from point of acceptance to delivery.

Restricted Delivery releases mail only to a designated recipient or authorized agent, and must be used in conjunction with Certified Mail, Insured Mail, or Registered Mail services.

Return Receipt  provides the sender a postcard after delivery that includes the recipients signature and date of delivery.

Signature Confirmation  verifies the date, time and ZIP code location of delivery or attempted delivery, along with the recipients signature.