Supply Chain Management

Bulk Mail Guidelines

  1. The design and content of your mailer must comply with the specifications set forth by the US Postal Service.  You should pay particular attention to ensure the tabs and wafer seals are in the proper place.  Click  here for additional information.
  2. A minimum of two hundred (200) pieces are required for bulk mail rates.
  3. The mailers have to be sorted by zip-code.

A. Three digit zip code = the first three digits are the same, but the last two digits of the zip code can vary (E.G...... 70104, 70105, 70118, 70130).

B. Five digit zip code = all five digits are the same (E.G..... you have 150 items with zip code 70130)

  1. The US Postal Service has a one (1) foot tray and a two (2) foot sized tray for mailers.  These trays must be at least 3/4 full with letters arranged by zip-code.
  • Local zip-codes 700 and 701 have to be arranged in individual trays.  If you do not have enough mail to fill the trays as indicated, mixed trays may be used.  If you do not have 150 or more for each zip-code, mailers must be put into bundles of 10 pieces in each bundle.   Each bundle has to be rubber banded horizontally and vertically.
  • You must get the rubber bands from the Bulk Mailing Unit at the US Post Office at 701 Loyola Avenue.
    • Each bundle is required to have a postal label (E.G.......: 5 digit zip-codes require a “D” Label and a 3 digit zip-code requires a Green label.)
  1. Download and complete Postal Service form 3602-NZ.    Click here for instructions on completing the form.

  2. The mailing cost  is based on the amount of pieces per zip code, size and weight of each piece.  The non-profit permit must be replenished before mailing.

  3. Calculate your mailing  and have a check issued to the US Postmaster; 701 Loyola Avenue; New Orleans, LA.  Attn: Bulk mailing Department.
  4. Bulk mail trays should be delivered to the US Post Office/Bulk Mailing Department located behind the Main Post Office located at 701 Loyola Ave.  Trays and bundles will be inspected and accepted by the Postal Service if they are arranged and bundled correctly.  The Postal Service will refuse mailers if they do not meet Postal specifications.