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As of September, 2006, LSUHSC has contracted with Federal Express to be the University's primary shipper of small packages. New FedEx accounts have been established for each department and will continue as needed. If your department is in need of a new FedEx account number, please contact Alethea Craig in Purchasing. Departments will be required to provide a LaCarte p-card account number to be charged for all FedEx shipping transactions. To access your FedEx account on-line, please follow the navigation below:

  1. Log into
  2. Fill out the User ID box and Password box on the left hand side of the screen.  Then click Login.
  3. First time users should sign up to enter the system; otherwise, enter your user id and password. The suggested user id is LSUHSC plus your nine digit FedEx account number (ex. LSUHSC999999999). Multiple user id's may be used with the same FedEx account number by assigning an alpha character after the complete user id. Please check with your department's Business Manager for password assignment.
  4. See the link below for more information on navigating through the FedEx website and downloading the detailed Excel report.

FedEx Business Manager Presentation

FedEx p-card documentation requirements- what documentation should I submit?

If your department is a frequent user of FedEx services, please print out the Account Summary report and highlight the applicable monthly charges; this will satisfy the p-card documentation requirements. To access the Account Summary report, go to "Manage My Account", "View Pay Bill On-line" and print out the printer friendly version of this report.

If you'd like to download a more detailed FedEx report into Excel, please follow the instructions provided in the FedEx Business Manager's presentation. This option allows you to specify date ranges, to report shipper and recipient information, and reference information.

For infrequent users of FedEx, individual receipts can be printed on-line to accompany the LaCarte transaction log and satisfy the documentation requirements.

Alethea Craig
Procurement Specialist 2
Phone: (504) 568-4691

FedEx Customer Service