Supply Chain Management

USPS Incoming Mail and Campus Mail


USPS Incoming Mail

Incoming U.S. mail is delivered by the postal service each morning, Monday Friday. This includes all accountable types of mail such as Express, Certified, Registered, and Insured mail. The mail is then sorted by department name and box number, not by addressee. To insure prompt delivery, correspondence should be provided with a complete address, the department name, box number, and building where the recipient receives their mail. Mail is distributed to departments in the afternoon.

Outgoing USPS metered mail is picked up daily when the postal service executes their morning delivery to the University.


Campus Mail

Campus mail is to be used for official University business only. It is the internal business of the University and should not be used for personal or political mail. Employees should not use campus mail for personal use. Chain letters, personal packages, and personal mail should not be included in campus mail. Campus mail is inter-department mail addressed by campus departments. Special envelopes are provided for campus mail. All campus mail must be properly addressed with name, department name, box number, and building. All previous addressees must be marked through to guarantee proper delivery to the appropriate department. Campus mail not properly addressed will be left at the department. Campus mail is sorted by department name and box number, not by the name of the individual addressee.