Supply Chain Management

Required PPE Distribution Process


  Effective March 31, 2020

  • Scientific Supply Center will be used (aka Medical Center Stores) to inventory and transfer the PPE that we have acquired to our external partners.
  • Each of the items will be inventoried to maintain an accurate count of the inventory acquired and to whom disbursed.
  • Each partner is set-up as an external customer as well as any internal customers that may not be in our SSC Operational Software.
  • Rob Parker, Director of Supply Chain and Auxiliary Operations will be the primary point of contact for coordination and distribution. 
  • Requesters will communicate their need to Rob for review by emailing
  • Requests will be evaluated based upon available inventory and current commitments.
  • If adequate inventory exists to fulfill the requests, request for approval will be sent to Dr. Nelson and Dr. Winters before proceeding. 
  • Upon approval, the transfer will be processed by SSC, billable at the LSUHSC cost of the items requested if applicable.
  • Only the Chancellor can determine to waive charges to an external affiliate hospital or other entity. 
  • The SSC will deliver items if possible, depending on the quantity of items needed and personnel available.  If not, we will coordinate pickup with the customer in question.
  • Rob or his designated assistant must be present during any inventory distributions .
  • Any additional questions regarding initial setup and coordination should be directed to Rob Parker, Director of Supply Chain and Auxiliary Operations at
  • We will attempt to expedite and accelerate this setup and process the requests as quickly as possible as we recognize the current strain on our partners.