Supply Chain Management

Gas Cylinder Program

Airgas Ordering Process & Account Set Up

This information is for researchers who are new to the University and use any type of cylinder gas for their research here on campus.  Airgas is the sole provider of lab gas at LSU Health Sciences Center-New Orleans.  We have an onsite vendor representative from Airgas who is on campus 5 days per week and is available to help with everything from gas ordering and delivery to checking leaky valves and handling any other problems that may arise with your cylinders.  Please see contact information below.

Daniel LeBlanc

Office Location:  CSRB 533 Bolivar

Office Phone:  504.568.6543

Cell Phone:  504.952-9952


Once your lab location has been determined and you are ready to start receiving gas, your business manager will have to submit an updated version of their existing business manager survey to Michael Williams in Purchasing,, which includes information for your particular lab.  All business managers whose departments use gas are already familiar with the survey.  When someone new joins the department the business manager simply updates the existing form and submits it to Michael Williams.

To place an order for gas, you'll need to complete the Gas Requisition Form (see below link) and submit it to Daniel LeBlanc via e-mail.  You'll need to complete the gas requisition form EACH time an order is placed. No orders can be fulfilled without an accompanying requisition form.  For non specialty gases, an order submitted by 2 pm will be delivered the following business day.  Emergency/rush orders can be accommodated at an additional fee.  The emergency delivery charge is $200 for any gas delivered after 4:30pm, weekends and holidays.

Gas Requisition Form