Supply Chain Management


Equipment Transfers Between Institutions

LSU Health Science Center is a research institution.  Researchers are constantly moving in and out of our institution.  Typically, assuming a federal grant, the equipment purchased for this grant with grant funds should be transferred to the new institution when a researcher moves.  NO MONETARY EXCHANGE WILL TAKE PLACE FOR THIS TRANSACTION.  Federal law states that equipment purchased with federal funds cannot be "purchased" again (if a researcher changes institutions) in order to avoid "double-dipping".   Typically, the asset transfer should be recorded by the property management departments in both institutions via journal entries.  If a researcher wants to take equipment purchased with non-grant funds (typically state monies), the transaction will be handled per the procedures and regulations of the States involved.   Please read below for further guidance in procuring used equipment.

Used Equipment

Purchasing used equipment requires more documentation.  The department must justify the purchase by outlining the savings that will be realized by purchasing used vs. new.  Also, a plan for maintaining the equipment must be formulated and included in the request to purchase.  Purchasing the used equipment does not necessarily preclude the competitive process.   Unless there is a time limit associated with the purchase of the equipment, the normal bid process would need to be followed (typically done by putting out an RFQ with specifications for new and used equipment and giving the vendors the option to bid new or used).  For time sensitive offerings, RS 36:1600 states that if "following the procedures set out in the Louisiana Procurement Code will result in the loss of the opportunity to purchase the equipment", the purchase can be made without competition.



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