Supply Chain Management


Legal Recourse

Per LA R.S. 39:1551 - 1755

When to Protest:

  • With Respect To A Solicitation - In writing at least 2 days prior to the opening of bids.
  • With Respect To The Award or Written Intent to Award - In writing within 14 days after contract award.

The Hearing- A hearing will be held before a hearing officer affording all parties, aggrieved persons, or interested persons to respond and present evidence on all issues protested.

The Decision- If the subject matter of the hearing is not resolved, the hearing officer shall within 14 days of the hearing, or reasonable time upon conclusion of a hearing, issue a written decision.

Administrative Appeal- An aggrieved person or an interested person who has participated in the hearing process may appeal the decision of the hearing officer within 7 days of receipt of the hearing officer's decision to the Louisiana Commissioner of Administration.

The Commissioner of Administration shall render a decision within 14 days based on the review of the record of the hearing proceedings.

Judicial Appeal- An appeal may be made to the Nineteenth Judicial District Court for review of a decision of the commissioner within 14 days after receipt of the decision of the commissioner.

Court of Appeal- Review of a final judgment of the district court to the Court of Appeal for the First Circuit shall be taken as in other civil cases.