Supply Chain Management

Local and Office Moves

  1. No moves should be arranged before they have been approved by the appropriate parties within the school leadership. Check with your Deans and Assistant Deans to ensure all parties are informed.
  2. Once the need is identified, all relevant information should be documented and emailed  (at least 14 days prior to the anticipated move date) to Michael Williams in the Purchasing department via email at If there is equipment to be relocated, a Work Order with all of the relevant details should also be submitted so that all infrastructure needs can be evaluated. The equipment will not be moved until Facilities has communicated their approval to Purchasing.
  3. Representatives from the Moving Contractor will contact the Department to arrange for a site survey (if needed) of everything to be moved.
  4. The Moving Contractor will develop a quote and communicate it to the Department and Purchasing.
  5. A requisition should then be created by the Department (supplier number 0000041039).
  6. After all relevant approvals have been received, Purchasing will  issue the PO and instruct the Moving Contractor to proceed with scheduling the move.
  7. Asset Management should be notified of the move (assuming that there are tagged items being moved) through their normal channels.


The University awarded a contract effective May 3, 2021 (renewable each year for five years) with Maloney Moving & Storage, Inc, a local firm specializing in facility relocations.  They will handle your needs whenever you need local relocation services for regular office items (including modular furniture) or sensitive laboratory equipment.  They have vast experience in both types of moves. All moves will be billed at the following price for labor and materials, whether done during normal duty or after hours:


Supervisor $38.00/hr
Mover/Helper $30.00/hr                          
Truck w/driver  $48.00/hr             
Installer $38.00/hr                      

Minimum cost for any move $152.00

Biosafety cabinet move $304.00


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