Supply Chain Management


Personal, Professional, and Consulting Services

When inquiries are made regarding purchases that will require a contract that falls into one of the classifications below, the inquiring department should be informed that Purchasing's involvement in the process begins AFTER the contract has been reviewed by the Vice Chancellor of Administration and Finances office and OCR, approved, and signed by the Vice Chancellor or his designee and all other principals.   No opinions should be offered by the Purchasing department on these contracts.  If it is unclear as to whether the services fall into one of the categories below, the Executive Director of Supply Chain or the Director of Purchasing should be contacted for input.

Consulting service :  means work, other than professional, personal, or social service, rendered by either individuals or firms who possess specialized knowledge, experience, and expertise to investigate assigned problems or projects and to provide counsel, review, design, development, analysis, or advice in formulating or implementing programs or services, or improvements in programs or services.

Personal service : work rendered by individuals which requires use of creative or artistic skills, such as but not limited to graphic artists, sculptors, musicians, photographers, and writers, or which requires use of highly technical or unique individual skills or talents, such as but not limited to  paramedical, therapists, handwriting analysts, foreign representatives, expert witnesses for adjudications or other court proceedings,court reporter, entertainers,private investigator,sign language interpreter and expert speakers.

Professional service : work rendered by an independent contractor who has professional knowledge of some department of learning or science used by its practical application of the affairs of others or in the practice of an art founded on it, which independent contractor shall include but not be limited to lawyers, doctors, dentists, psychologists, certified advanced practice nurses, veterinarians, architects, engineers, land surveyors, landscape architects, accountants, actuaries, claims adjusters, pharmacists, and visiting professors. 

Social service : work rendered by any person, firm, corporation, organization, government body, or governmental entity in furtherance of the general welfare of the citizens of Louisiana, including but not limited to the objectives provided below;

            (1) Rehabilitation and health support, health related counseling, alcohol or drug abuse training and treatment, training to support emergency medical services, services to support family planning, counseling & delinquency prevention, genetic disease evaluation and counseling, community based medical support services, evaluation and training for physically/mentally handicapped, and other services in support of the same.

            (2) Habilitation and socialization include services rendered by a contractor with special knowledge to assist specified client groups to enhance their self-sufficiency or alleviate their dependency or isolation from the community.  These services include; day care, work and training, early intervention for mentally retarded, developmentally delayed, or physically handicapped, transportation for service access, homemaker, home management, and housing improvement services, in-home and out-of-home respite care, socialization services for low income and special needs groups, nursing home ombudsman, nutritional, employment, case management, senior center activities, or other services to aid independent living by the elderly, and training and community planning services for the same.

            (3) Protection for adults and children include services rendered by a contractor to provide therapeutic intervention for adults or children who are in danger or threatened with danger of physical or mental injury, neglect, maltreatment, extortion, or exploitation, including victims of family violence.  These services include but are not limited to; community planning for neglect/abuse, adoption, substitute care, education and training, crisis intervention type services, emergency shelter for victims of rape/family violence or services in support of same, and training and evaluation services for the same.

            (4) Improvement of living conditions and health include services rendered by an authorized contractor with special knowledge or services available to assist individuals to attain or maintain favorable conditions in which to live.  These services include; distribution of food stuffs either purchased or made available from government-owned commodities, determining the needs of the poor and development of programs to alleviate poverty conditions, providing services to respond to the educational/employment needs of eligible individuals in the communities needing these services.  The primary purpose of this service is to provide the participating individuals with the skills necessary for them to advance socially, academically, and occupationally.  Providing training and evaluation of services for any of the above services.

            (5) Evaluation, testing, and remedial educational services for exceptional handicapped or learning disabled non public school students include services rendered by a contractor with special knowledge or services available to provide special educational and related services for exceptional or handicapped students voluntarily enrolled in approved nonpublic schools in Louisiana who are not otherwise provided with such services through either their local school program or through other services afforded to them by local school boards or other public agencies.  These services include; identification, assessment, appraisal, and evaluation of exceptional or handicapped children, development of individualized educational programs, and providing of instructional and supportive services to such eligible students.


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