Library Policies

These policies ensure a safe and comfortable environment for research and study. Non-compliance with Library and University Policies may result in loss of Library Services, referral to appropriate campus agencies or University Police, and/or being banned from the Libraries.


Booktruck Use - Isché and Dental Libraries

The Library's booktrucks are for use by staff and patrons for work in the Library. We do not permit patrons to take booktrucks out of the Library to departments.

Cell Phone Use - Isché and Dental Libraries

Please limit cell phone use to the Library Commons. Patrons are requested to turn cell phone ringers to their lowest setting or on vibrate to further reduce noise in the Libraries. Cell phone use is prohibited in the computer lab and the 5th floor quiet study area at the Isché library.

Computer Classroom (CAL 405) Use - Isché Library

Although housed in the Isché Library, Computer Services is in charge of its scheduling and use. Please refer to the CAL 405 webpage for information and to reserve.

Computer Lab Use - Isché Library

Computer lab access is limited to faculty, staff, and students of the LSUHSC Academic Unit. The lab is open whenever the Library is open. More info.

Guest WiFi Use - Isché and Dental Libraries

Guest WiFi is available as a courtesy to non-LSUHSC Library Patrons. All guests must comply with the University's Information Technology Use policy, see Chancellor's Memoranda 42. Access may be revoked to an individual or group at any time for non-compliance.

Group Study/AV Room Use - Isché and Dental Libraries

Group study rooms are available for use by all Library Patrons. Group and audio-visual use are the priority for these rooms. Individuals who are using the rooms may be asked to move. Unattended belongings may be moved by Library Staff. Additionally, no door or window to the study rooms may be blocked or screened in any way at any time. Study groups are requested to keep noise to a reasonable level. Dry erase markers are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk, as are monitor remote controls and cables.

Information Technology Use - Isché and Dental Libraries

All university users of the Information Technology infrastructure (computers, computer networks, databases, etc.) are expected to exhibit responsible behavior and comply with applicable federal and state laws, as well as LSUHSC rules and policies. See Chancellor's Memoranda 42 for more information.

Library Commons, Use of Library Materials - Isché Library

Library materials may only be taken into the Library Commons area if they are properly checked out at the Circulation Desk. Reference and Reserve items (in-house use only items) are for use in the Library only.

Lost or Destroyed Library Materials - Isché and Dental Libraries

Patrons are expected to reimburse the Libraries for lost or destroyed materials. The patron will be charged for replacement cost, plus any shipping or binding fees. There will also be a $25 non-refundable processing fee per item. In the event that no replacement is available for a lost or destroyed item, the charge will be either the original purchase price or $100, whichever is greater, plus any processing fees.

Public Access Computer Use - Isché and Dental Libraries

Public access computers are available to all Library Patrons. However, these computers are ONLY to be used for access to library systems, online databases and resources, LSUHSC systems or LSUHSC email. General internet browsing on public access computers is prohibited by restrictions on the computer. General library patrons on public computers are expected to follow Chancellors Memoranda 42, any violation may result in a revocation of computer access.

Quiet Areas - Isché and Dental Libraries

The Libraries are committed to providing a comfortable quiet study environment. Noise is to be kept to a minimum. The 5th floor of the Isché Library is designated as a quiet study area.

Smoking or Tobacco Use - Isché and Dental Libraries

The Library is committed to offering a healthy environment for its patrons and staff. Smoking and all tobacco use (including vaping) are prohibited in the Libraries. Smoking anywhere on the LSUHSC campuses has been prohibited since March 1, 2012.

Strong Smells - Isché and Dental Libraries

The LSUHSC Libraries strive to ensure the comfort and safety of staff and patrons by encouraging an environment free of strong smells/odors. All are encouraged to be sensitive to the needs of their colleagues and students with respect to scents and odors.

Unattended Children in the Library - Isché and Dental Libraries

The LSU Health Sciences Center Libraries in New Orleans request that children be accompanied by a parent at all times while in the Libraries. The Libraries cannot accept responsibility for unaccompanied minors (14 years and younger). The Libraries have expensive equipment, open stairwells, automatic doors, elevators, and other equipment that can be hazardous and dangerous for children.  Faculty and staff who bring their children to work should understand that the Libraries are not a place to leave children while conducting other business on campus. Employees assigned to work in the Libraries are not permitted to bring children to work with them.

Use of University Spaces - Isché and Dental Libraries

All library patrons are expected to interact with each other with all due courtesy and in a professional manner. They are expected to treat university facilities with respect which includes showing care with food and drinks and keeping public spaces clean. (Adapted from an email from the Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, sent December 18, 2017)

Updated March 2021