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Post Completion OPT STEM Extensions

***LSUHSC-New Orleans does NOT currently participate in E-Verify. STEM extensions are NOT available for LSUHSC-New Orleans employees.***


F-1 Students previously approved for Post Completion OPT may be eligible for a 17 month STEM extension of their OPT work authorization if:

  • they have complied with all requirements of their Post Completion OPT (including 90 day unemployment limitation) AND

  • they have secured employment with an E-Verify participating employer (search for your employer here) AND

  • their degree, as listed on their I-20, is in an approved STEM major (see approved CIP codes here) AND

  • they have NOT yet reached the end of their authorized Post Completion OPT period.


STEM Extension OPT Forms and Instructions

Instructions for I-765 Completion


F-1 Students with approved Standard Post Completion OPT are encouraged to apply for a STEM extension 90 days before the expiration of their current OPT card, as noted on their EAD card, to avoid any potential delay in receipt of the new EAD card.

If the initial OPT EAD card has expired, and the new STEM OPT EAD card has not yet been received, travel outside the U.S. should be avoided.

F-1 Students who have timely applied for a STEM extension, and have documentation of such application, may continue working for up to 180 days while their STEM application is pending with USCIS.

  • Form I-9 may be completed using the expired OPT EAD card, and the I-797 Receipt Notice from USCIS for the I-765 STEM application.
  • Form I-9 may also be completed/updated using the new EAD card, once received.
  • See I-9 Central for additional information on I-9 Completion.