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LSU Health FileS - FileSharing Solution

LSU Health FileS is a resource that allows LSUHSC users to send and receive large attachments with external users.  Below are tutorials for common tasks or questions.  Click on the method you prefer to learn (i.e. Web or Video).   If you have any questions contact


Sending Large Files with Web Interface

1. With a web browser, connect to
Web Interface - Logon Screen
2. LSUHSC users can enter their Active Directory UserID or their Email address in the first box, and their AD Password, then click Login.
3. The Password Reset button and Register button are only for external users, and are not needed for LSUHSC users.
4. Users will see the Message screen below, where large attachments can be sent out to external users.


5. Compose a message, specifying the recipients in the To field, entering a Subject, and a descriptive Message to ensure to the recipients that this is not a spam message, and that the attachment is business correspondence that they should be expecting.  For really large attachments, you may want to provide a warning in your message so that the recipient can choose an appropriate location to store the file.
6. Click the Add Files button on the right under Attached files to include any attachments.  Multiple files can be selected, but you cannot attach an entire folder.
7. Click on either the Authentication Required or Authentication Not Required button depending on whether the recipient will need to authenticate to access the message.
8. Under Access Restriction specify who is authorized to access the files.  Selecting each button gives a description of the Permissions.
9. Click on the Message Expires section if you want to change how long the attachments will be stored on the server before they are deleted.
10. When you are satisfied with the message, click the Send button.