Computers / Copying / Printing / Scanning - Dental Library


Apple Computers and Devices

The Library has created a quick LibGuide for the use of Apple products on campus which includes using Wireless and Citrix.

Computer Lab

The four computer lab PCs are available to all LSUHSC faculty, staff, and students during regular Library hours.

Public Access Computers

The two Public Access Computers are available to all Library patrons for use with Library Systems, LSUHSC Email, and University applications.

Wireless Connections

The LSUHSC Wireless Network covers all public areas of the Library; this includes all study carrels, tables, and study rooms. In order to provide a safe computing environment, wireless users are required to logon to the network with their LSUHSC-NO user i.d. and password. There is also a visitor login; please ask at the Circulation Desk for more information. LSUHSC Wireless directions.


There are 2 photocopiers located in the Dental Library. One accepts Pay Paw and the other uses Departmental Codes.

Fees and Payment

Black and white copies: 10¢ per page with PayPaw only. Cash is not accepted.

Color copies: 25¢ per page with Pay Paw only. Cash is not accepted.


Photocopiers allow scanning at no charge. Users may scan to a flash drive or to an email address.

All photocopiers are provided by LSUHSC Auxiliary Enterprises


Research Poster Printing
Letter/Legal Printing

Black and White One-sided print: 10¢ / Double-sided print: 14¢
Color 25¢ a page


A PayPaw card or formatted ID is required to retrieve your print job. Cash is not accepted. More info on PayPaw.

Sending a print job

When you print in the Library, you will be asked to select a printer and give your print job a name and password.  This is simply to identify your print job from others, so name it whatever you want. You can use the same name and password for multiple print-jobs. It will default to black and white printing. Be sure to select 'color' if you want a color print out.

Retrieving a print job

Swipe your card on the card reader. Select your print-job name and press "Print". Enter the password you created when you sent the print job. Your print job will be distributed and your card will be charged.

Departmental Copy Cards

The Pay-Per-Print system does not work with departmental copy cards; those cards work only with the Library photocopiers.


Self Service Scanning

Dental Library photocopiers allow scanning.

Updated January 2021