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Apple Computers and Devices

The Library has created a quick LibGuide for the use of Apple products on campus which includes using Wireless and Citrix.

Computer Aided Learning Lab

The Computer Aided Learning Lab (room 405) is available for use by instructors in all of the six schools of the Health Sciences Center. For more information and to reserve, visit the Computer Aided Learning Lab page.

Laptop Ports

There are over 40 laptop ports throughout the Library and Library Commons -- at tables, in carrels, and study rooms. Check the floor plans for approximate locations. Laptop ports only work with computers that are considered in network (require an LSUHSC UserID & password to login).

Library Commons Computers

The Library Commons offers 24-hour access to 3 desktop computers. Log in with your LSUHSC Network ID and password. The computers run Windows 7 and are equipped with Office 2013. All have full Internet access. Printing in the Library Commons goes to the Library print stations, and is available during Library hours.

Open Use Computer Lab

The 4th floor open-use computer lab (room 401K) is available to all LSUHSC faculty, staff, and students during regular Library hours and houses 10 computers in 2 spaces. Six computers in the lab run Windows 10 and the rest run Windows 7. All computers require only an LSUHSC Network ID and password for login. The 3 computers outside the Lab and require keys to access (keys are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk).

Public Access Computers

The 9 Public Access Computers are available to all Library patrons for use with Library Systems, LSUHSC Email, and University applications. There are 5 PC's on the 3rd floor, 2 on the 4th, and 2 on the 5th. Public Access Computers do not offer open Internet browsing.

Wireless Connections

The LSUHSC Wireless Network covers all public areas of the Library; this includes all study carrels, tables, and study rooms. In order to provide a safe computing environment, wireless users are required to logon to the network with their LSUHSC UserID and password. LSUHSC Wireless directions.



There are three digital copiers in the library. One on each floor of the Isché Library beside the internal elevator. Each copier is equiped with a document feeder. Additionally, the photocopiers can act as scanners if the user has a flash drive.

Color Copies

The 3rd floor copier offers color copies for 25¢ per page.

Fees and Payment

Black and white copies: 10¢ per page with Pay Paw only. Cash is not accepted.
Color copies: 25¢ per page

All photocopiers are provided by LSUHSC Auxiliary Enterprises.



Black and White - 3rd and 4th floors
1 sided print: 10¢
Double-sided print: 14¢
Color - 4th floor only
25¢ a page
Color copying also available.

Pay Paw

A Pay Paw card or formatted ID is required to retrieve your print job. Cash is not accepted.

Sending a print job

When you print in either the Library Commons or in the Library, you will be asked to select a printer (3rd or 4th floor) and give your print job a name and password.  This is simply to identify your print job from others, so name it whatever you want. You can use the same name and password for multiple print-jobs. If you select the 4th floor printer, it will default to black and white printing. Be sure to select 'color' if you want a color print out. Detailed directions are available at the 4th floor print station or at Circulation.

Print Stations

There are 2 print stations in the Library - one on the 3rd floor and one on the 4th floor outside the computer lab. Print jobs sent in the Library or Library Commons can be retrieved at either print station.

Retrieving a print job

Swipe your card on the card reader. Select your print-job name and press "Print". Enter the password you created when you sent the print job. Your print job will be distributed and your card will be charged.

Departmental Copy Cards

The Pay-Per-Print system does not work with departmental copy cards; those cards work only with the Library photocopiers.


Self Service Scanners

The Isché Library has a small self-service scanner. It is located next to the print station on the 4th floor. All patrons with an LSUHSC userid and password are welcome to use it. Additionally the photocopiers can act as scanners if the user has a flash drive.


Updated June 2018