SharePoint Online Team Sites

A SharePoint team site provides a range of functionality for projects and teams. Some of these features include:

You can find out more about a SharePoint team sites here: 


OneDrive for Business (OD4B) vs. SharePoint team sites

You may be wondering whether you should use OneDrive for Business or a SharePoint team site to store and share documents. OD4B should be used to store and share Individual files with limited scope or lifecycle, while SharePoint team sites should be used to store files related to groups or projects.  Please review the the documentation below which contains additional best practice information:


Request a SharePoint team site

To request a SharePoint team site for your group/project please send a request to with the following information:

  • What will this SharePoint team site be used for and how do you intend for it to be used?
  • What should the name of the SharePoint team site be?
  • Will the content on this site ever need to be shared with users external to LSU Health?
  • Will there be any sensitive data stored on this site?
  • Will this site require a large amount of data storage?
  • Who will need access to manage the team site?
  • Who will need member access to this site?
  • Who (if anyone) will need read only access to this site?



Tutorials on accessing, managing and using SharePoint team sites can be found here.