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SharePoint Team Sites - Tutorials


Access SharePoint from a Desktop Web Browser

  1. Navigate to
  2. Use the Office 365 Quicklink to access and login to Office 365
  3. Click the SharePoint icon from the Office 365 portal
  4. Choose a SharePoint site from the list of sites you have access to


Access SharePoint from a Mobile Device

  1. Download and launch “Microsoft Sharepoint” from the iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store
  2. Choose “Sign in to SharePoint Online”
  3. Enter your LSUHSC email address
  4. You may be prompted for your LSUHSC address and password again
  5. Once logged in you should see a list of SharePoint sites you have access to


SharePoint Document Tutorials:


SharePoint Calendar Tutorials:


If you have issues accessing SharePoint contact 


Microsoft Tutorials for Team Site Members


Tutorials for Team Site Managers


If Sharepoint team site permissions need to be modified please contact