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Review/Restore Previous Versions of a File | SharePoint Online

When a change to a file in SharePoint Online (SPO) is saved, a new version of that file is created. The following steps will guide you through reviewing and restoring a previous version of a file.

  1. Access the SharePoint Online site's document library through a web browser
  2. Select a document
    • 2018 6:53:27 PM
  3. Select ellipses
    • 2018 6:54:48 PM

  4. Select "Version History"
    • 2018 6:57:39 PM
  5. Touch or click the date/time of the document version you wish to download for review
  6. To restore to a particular document version (revert to that version), select the dropdown arrow that appears when hovering over the modified date/time
      2018 6:59:20 PM
  7. Select "Restore"
    • 2018 7:00:41 PM