Little Bitty Learning

Little Bitty Learning (LBL) is a family-based childhood obesity prevention program supported by the Early Head Start Child Care Partnership (EHSCCP) grant at the LSUHSC Human Development Center. The project aims to decrease childhood obesity by improving family health-related behaviors and household routines, including diet and physical activity behaviors, family meal time practices, and child screen time. The intervention consists of 8 weekly classes at an EHSCCP partner child care center. Up to six families with at least one child enrolled at the center are eligible to participate in the LBL program. Siblings, spouses, and other household relatives are also encouraged to attend. Each class consists of nutrition education and a group cooking activity based on Share Our Strength’s Cooking Matters curriculum, as well as a lesson on developing healthy household routines. IPSA volunteers who work with the program will support lesson activities, help with group cooking, and assist with child physical activity lessons.

Project Leaders:  Vivian Jaber (Graduate Studies); Zaida Salame (Public Health); Nichelle Taylor (Public Health)

Faculty Advisor: Lauren Griffiths, MPH (Human Development Center)