Interprofessional Education

Interprofessional Scholars Recipients

The Interprofessional Scholars program awards up to three recipients each year with the IP Scholar designation. 


2022%209:17:44%20AMHailey Teachout, SOM Class of 2023

Hailey Teachout, LSU School of Medicine Class of 2023, achieved the Interprofessional Scholar designation. Hailey served as an IPSA board member and a NOWCS Coordinator and had reached out to Dr. Gunaldo about assisting with Team Up™ presentation grading. Dr. Gunaldo suggested that Hailey pursue the designation. “This experience allowed me to pursue with intention interprofessional growth and emphasized the importance of interprofessional education. I have received such great support throughout the entire process which I feel has allowed me to flourish. This experience has not only made my medical school experience more well-rounded but will also have a strong, positive impact on my future career as a psychiatrist,” she said.


2022%209:18:18%20AMBrock Williams, SOM Class of 2023

Brock Williams, LSU School of Medicine Class of 2023, achieved the Interprofessional Scholar designation. Brock's involvement began when he got involved with the Student Team Up™ committee during his first and second years of medical school. “This was an amazing opportunity to impact the curriculum about future healthcare providers interacting with each other to provide the best patient care possible. Being involved in those committees and other projects through IPECP furthered my interest and passion to foster strong connections within the hospital setting. This program was a way to channel that enthusiasm while getting to see the intricacies of higher education,” he said. Brock also noted that his biggest take away was realized during his third-year rotations. “It was amazing to see the theory we talked about in the classroom come to life in the clinical setting. Seeing the rounds that included different professions of healthcare put into perspective the individual goals different providers had for the patient. The lenses these providers viewed patient care allowed them to highlight problems and solutions that I would have never thought about. It really is all about teamwork to give the patient the best care possible,” he added.


2022%209:19:01%20AMChrissie Alving-Trinh, SOM Class of 2022

Chrissie Alving-Trinh, LSU School of Medicine Class of 2022, received the program's first Interprofessional Scholars designation. Chrissie began her time in the IP Scholars program serving on the Team Up™ Committee, where she revised and improved interprofessional curriculum. She plans to carry her love for education and collaborative practice into her future career as an academic surgeon. Chrissie also used the experience to reflect on best team practices and roles of other healthcare providers. “The healthcare team's goal is to help the patient. But helping the patient means something different to me, as a surgeon, than it does to the occupational therapist or to the dentist or to other members of the patient care team. Being mindful of how we frame our individual goals, present pertinent information, and communicate with the other members of the team will help the patient care team deliver the best care possible,” she said.