New Orleans Women's Shelter Outreach

NOWS, New Orleans Women’s Shelter, is an IPSA organization dedicated to serving the community. There are currently two shelters, Liberty Street and Chateau d’Orleans. Each of the shelters holds family events, professional development events, and activities for the children every two weeks. Once a month, there are also clinics for the shelters which can range from a pediatric clinic to a health fair. The current schedule for August and September is as follows:


Liberty Shelter (2020 S. Liberty St.):

August 17th- How to handle stress + mindfulness/yoga (6:30-8PM)

August 26th- Pediatric/ Men and Women health check-up (9AM-12PM)

August 31st- CPR and first aid (6:30-8PM)

September 7th- Cervical cancer awareness and prevention (6:30-8PM)

September 21st- STD prevention (6:30-8PM)

September 30th- Diabetes and Hypertension clinic  (9AM-12PM)


Chateau d’Orleans (14765 Chef Menteur Hwy):

August 30th- Making Your House A Home (5-7PM)

September 27th (5-7PM)


If you are interested in helping at either of the shelters, please reach out to one of the co-directors below.

Caleb Speyrer (

Katherine Hammer (

Shay Vellanki (

Lauren Bonneval (


To access the NOWS Outreach Resource Manual, click HERE.

Faculty Advisor: Donna Williams, MPH, DrPH