Semester: Spring

Programs: Dental and Dental Hygiene

Description: Developed in 2017, this intraprofessional experience includes dental hygiene students observing an oral diagnosis clinic session led by a dental student. Observations include person-centered communication and focus on health literacy. Both dental and dental hygiene students complete a validated instrument measuring perceptions of providing person-centered health information. Dental hygiene students provide peer review feedback to the dental students and the dental students reflect on the feedback received. 

Faculty Contact: Tricia Barker

Publication: Barker, T.S., Smith, C.A., Waguespack, G.M., Mercante, D.E., & Gunaldo, T.P. (2018). Collaborative Skill Building in Dentistry and Dental Hygiene through Intraprofessional Education: Application of a quality improvement modelJournal of Dental Hygiene92(5).