Semester: Spring

Programs: Graduate Studies, Physical Therapy and Physician Assistant

Description: Developed in 2017, a faculty member in the Physiology department was interested in developing an interprofessional education class experience in the Renal block of an existing multidisciplinary Physiology course. Graduate Studies students (required - 1st year), Physical Therapy students (required – 1st year, 3rd semester), Physician Assistant students (required - 1st year, 1st semester) are provided a case highlighting acute kidney injury.  Students are divided into small groups representative of all three programs. Via Moodle, student groups are presented with a case.  Students are asked to record their group’s answers to clinical and interprofessional questions in Moodle. Interprofessional discussions focus on professional roles as related to the case.

Faculty Contacts: Jane Eason, Lisa Harrison-Bernard, Mihran Naljayan

Publications: Harrison-Bernard, L.M., Naljayan, M.V., Eason, J.M., Mercante, D.E., & Gunaldo, T.P. (2017). Effectiveness of interprofessional education in renal physiology curricula for health sciences graduate students. Advances in Physiology Education41(4), 594-598.

Harrison-Bernard, L., Naljayan, M., Mercante, D., Gunaldo, T., & Edwards, S. (2019). Longitudinal interprofessional education in a graduate physiology course. Advances in Physiology Education.

Renal IPE 3 2020