There are many faculty members at LSUHSC who are engaging in interprofessional education research.

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2019 12:13:45 PM

The potential of Interproffesional Education to Effectively Translate Physiology Curricula into Future Team-Based Healthcare

Authors: S. Edwards, P. Molina, K. Mc Donough, D. Mercante, T. Gunaldo

2019 12:44:38 PM        Supporting health system transformation through an interprofessional education experience focused on population health

                     Authors: K. Brisolara, S. Gasparini, A. Davis, S. Sanne, R. Barroni, D. Mercante,J. Jame

2019 12:41:05 PM       Building a foundation of collaborative skills through dental hygiene and dental intraprofessional education: applying a quality improvement model

                     Authors: T. Barker, C. Smith, G. Waguespack, D. Mercante,T. Gunaldo

2019 12:56:01 PM        Developing interproffesional education:Establishing a baseline and moving forward

                    Authors: J. Townsend, J. Zorek ( Univ Wisconsin-Madison), R. Baroni De Carvalho, J. Schiavo, D. Mercante, T. Gunald

 2019 1:05:10 PM      Increasing awareness of the roles, knowledge and skills of respiratory therapist through an interprofessional education experience

                   Authors: J. Zamjahn, E. Beyer, K. Alig, D. Mercante,K. Carter,T. Gunaldo

2019 1:10:54 PM        Integrating interprofessional education into an academic enrichment program

                    Authors: T. Gunaldo, A. Augustus-Wallace, A. Goumas, T. Cheramie, S. Brisco, E. Levitzky,S. Andrieu


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