IPSA Hours Guidelines

Participation in IPSA Projects and/or Workshops provides students with the opportunity to learn with others from various professional programs.  Students engaged in IPSA are eligible to receive awards which are recognized during pre-commencement ceremonies.  General guidelines for IPSA hours are noted below:

An IPSA event’s hours are determined by the IPSA program leader

  • Some programs do not work on a 1 to1 system. For example required training may not be compensated with service hours. IPSA does not dictate hours for each project, so be sure to clarify with the project leaders if you have questions.

IPSA service hours CANNOT be used simultaneously as credit for any other organization (ex: Student Nursing Association, School of Medicine Serving Learning)

  • If a student is found to be duplicating their hours, all of their hours through IPSA will be voided and the student will no longer qualify for any IPSA awards.

IPSA hours needed to qualify for IPSA honors based on program length

  • Students are able to earn hours at any time during their program.  All hours must be completed before the specified due date (March 31st for May graduation and November 1st for December graduation) in order to be recognized during pre-commencement activities.

  • IPSA hours must be submitted on an IPSA hours log through the IPSA Project Leader

Audiology 18
Cardiovascular Sonography 12
Clinical Laboratory Sciences 6
Clinical Rehabilitation & Counseling 12
Dental Hygiene 12
Dental Laboratory Technology 6
Dentistry 18
Graduate Studies 12
Medicine 12
Nursing (CARE) 12
Nursing (Traditional Undergraduate) 18
Occupational Therapy 12
Physician Assistant 12
Physical Therapy 12
Respiratory Therapy 12
Speech-Language Pathology 12
Public Health (MPH) 12