IPSA Hours Guidelines

  • Implemented Fall 2017

    • May 2018 graduates need 8 hours to qualify

    • Dec 2018 graduates need 12 hours to qualify

  • An IPSA event’s hours are determined by the IPSA program leader

    • Some programs do not work on a 1 to 1 system; for example required training may not be compensated with service hours. IPSA does not dictate hours for each program, so be sure to clarify with the program leaders if you have questions.  

  • IPSA service hours CANNOT be used simultaneously as credit for any other organization (ex: SNA, SLE)

    • If a student is found to be duplicating their hours, all of their hours through IPSA will be voided and the student will no longer qualify for any IPSA awards.

  • IPSA hours needed to qualify for IPSA honors based on program length


1 semester= 4 hours, excluding summer semesters

Ex: 4 year program= 32 hours at graduation

     3 year program= 24 hours

     2.5 year program= 20 hours

4 year programs graduating in 2019 will require 16 hours

4 year programs graduating in 2020 will require 24 hours


  • Students are able to earn hours at any time during their program; for instance, a student may complete all 32 hours during a single semester and. All hours must be completed before the specified due date (usually March) in order to be recognized during commencement activities.

  • 1 service hour= 1 IPSA hour unless otherwise specified by IPSA program leader

  • IPSA hours must be submitted through the online IPSA attendance form within 1 week of event

  • IPSA hours must be submitted through the online IPSA Event Attendance Form by the IPSA program leader or designated board member

  • Any discrepancies with hours must be brought to the IPSA program leader before being brought to the IPSA secretary of membership

    • Access to the attendance form is not granted to all students, please communicate with program leaders about any discrepancies. Once a program leader has confirmed, that confirmation can be sent to the Secretary of Membership for correction.