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Team Up™ Student Committee

The LSU Health-New Orleans Team Up Student Committee assists the Center for Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice in developing a meaningful longitudinal IPE experience for first and second year students. The committee meets once a semester, in both the fall and spring semester to evaluate student perspectives of the interprofessional curriculum. In addition, student Team Up committee members attend orientation sessions to discuss their engagement on the committee. Our goal is to have two student representatives from each of the six Schools.



2021 Cohort, Year 2

School of Allied Health Professions - Margaret Shepherd (Occupational Therapy)

School of Dentistry - Mattie Dartez (Dental Hygiene) and Maximilian Bourgogne von Hohenstaufen (Dentistry)

School of Medicine - Kacy Henwood and Logan Roberts

School of Nursing - Jensen Smith (Traditional BSN)


2022 Cohort, Year 1

School of Allied Health Professions - Riley Nguyen (Cardiopulmonary Science) and Kezia Robinson (Physical Therapy)

School of Dentistry -  Harli Jacob (Dentistry) and Hunter Kortum (Dentistry)

School of Graduate Studies - Linh Ha

School of Medicine - Bennet Franz and Teagan Prouse

School of Nursing - Rachel Gulotta (CARE) & Olivia A. Weinstein (CARE)

School of Public Health - Kiera Bishop & Michael Minor