Interprofessional Education

IPSA Expenditure Pre-Approval - Request Form Instructions

The purpose of this form is to ensure IPSA's requested purchase is aligned with IPSA's purpose and is in accordance with State spending rules. This will also help IPSA to compile an annual report of our spending. Please carefully note the following when filling out the form:

  • First, coordinate with the IPE Coordinator to ensure the balance of IPSA funds is sufficient for your purchase.
  • This request starts the process of a check request through the University. It should be turned in at least 2 weeks prior to the event/time of purchase to make sure there is enough time to get all of the appropriate signatures. Please do not make a purchase using personal funds with the expectation that you will be reimbursed.
  • Please provide a detailed list describing the items that will be purchased. IPSA funds are approved for very specific purchases and we want to ensure that funds are used appropriately. Per State processes, you will need to include an itemized invoice from the supplier/vendor. The check request will not go through without this.
  • Please include the number of expected participants as well as a list of participants who have signed up thus far. If the funds will be used for multiple events, please indicate in the space provided.
  • You must either submit email confirmation from the Faculty Advisor associated with your program or include their signed approval on the form at the time of submission. This is to ensure accountability to the Faculty Advisor and ensure that the Faculty Advisor is aware of use of IPSA funding.

The IPE Coordinator will review all applications to ensure that the request is complete, the requested funds meet the guidelines, and there are funds remaining and will coordinate with the appropriate IPSA contact when the check is available.

Instructions and form linked here: docs/IPSA-Pre-Approval-Request-Form 06252019.docx