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PeopleSoft eProcurement Requisitions Web Based Training (WBT)

While utilizing the Web Based Training (WBT) If you get stuck on any particular step or just want to move through the screens without entering the required data, simply press the <Enter> key on your computer keyboard to move forward or the <Backspace> key to return to a previous screen.  If for any reason you are unable to access the web-based training from your computing device, you should access it from Internet Explorer within Citrix PS Desktop.

Managing eProcurement Requisitons 

Entering an eProcurement Requisition

Speedcharts - Review for Edit 
Create a Punchout Requisition 
Create a Special Request Requisition
Split a Distribution on a Requisition
Find/Edit a Save for Later Requisition 
Add Comments and Attachments 
Copy a Requisition


Cancel a Requisition
Cancel a Requisition Line 

Budget Check a Requisition

Budget Check a Requisition


Conduct Requisition Searches in eProcurement
Inquire on a ePro Requisition 
Inquire on a ePro Purchase Order 
Inquire on Document Status

View Print Requisitions

View Print Form for a Saved Requisition
Print via the Requisition Report Process

Requisition Basics

Use the Lookup Feature
Create/Find a Run Control ID                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Approving Requisitions

Approve an ePro Requisition 

Deny an ePro Requisition

Hold an ePro Requisition                                                                  

Desktop Receiving

Receive ePro Goods in the Department

Reject ePro Goods in the Department

After completing all web based training please click this link to send an email to the PeopleSoft Training Team so we may note you have completed this training.



PeopleSoft eProcurement Requisitions Training Manuals


PowerPoint Slides from the Live Training Classes 2022: 



FAQs and Supporting Doucmentation