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PeopleSoft Financials Training Courses and Manuals

2012 12:39:33 PM

The following is a list of training courses and manuals available from the PeopleSoft training team. To access a copy of the training manual, click on the title of the course. You must have Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to retrieve online manuals. If you are in need of a course which is not listed or if you have any questions, please contact the training team.

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Accounting Services

Internal Transaction eForm Job Aid - 2024

Internal Transaction eForm Manual - 2024

This Job Aid teaches how to complete an Internal Transaction form for Accounting Services users.   Users complete an Internal Transaction eForms for two purposes: 

1. To charge an internal department for services/products provided by a cost center;


2. To transfer costs from one department to another. Examples for this include mail, supplies, etc.

PeopleSoft 9.2 Manuals

Please note some items are listed as "Coming Soon!" and are in the process of being updated.  If you need assistance please contract the PeopleSoft Training Team at

PeopleSoft Financials 9.2 Update Delta Guide - 2023

PeopleSoft Financials 9.2 Update Delta Class Powerpoint Presentation - 2023

Video - PeopleSoft Financials 9.2 Update Delta Class

Basic Navigation

PeopleSoft 9.2 - Basic Navigation - Financials : Coming Soon!



Managing Requisitions - HCSD & New Orleans

Print A Purchase Order  - HCSD & New Orleans

Managing ePro Requisitions - Shreveport

Print an ePro Purchase Order - Shreveport

Approving Requisitions (Workflow)  New Orleans and HCSD

Approving ePro Requisitions - Shreveport

Budget Check- New Orleans and HCSD

Receiving Managing Shipments New Orleans

Managing Encumbrances - New Orleans and Shreveport



Material Stock Request - HCSD (LAK)



Query Basics and Intermediate - All Sites

Commonly Used Tables for Query 

Catalog of Queries



nVision Reorts Information: 

nVision Reports - (All Sites)

nVision Reports Requests - (All Sites) 


BI Publisher Information:

BI Publisher Reports

BI Publisher Reports List


Change in Source of Funds - 2021

The electronic change in source of funds (CSOF) phases out the paper form PER 3 previously used to transfer salary expenses from one project to another. Electronic CSOF will be used for both retroactive and prospective changes in salary distribution between and among projects.