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nVision Reports:

The nVision Reports were developed by the PeopleSoft Support team to provide Fiscal Reporting from an online Dashboard listing of Reports within the Citrix environment. The following catalog of nVision reports is broken down by Business Unit and report groups.

For detailed information on how to access and run the nVision reports, please refer to the nVision Training Manuals.

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nVision Web Reports:

A listing of nVision report requests by Business Unit can be found here.

The Web-based version of nVision is available only in the RPT database. Please take the time to read through the documentation as you will find the reports run fast and do not return the "OLE" error sometimes seen in the traditional nVision dashboard. There are differences in the mechanics of running these web based reports but there are also some new options, such as emailing a report from the web to another user.   Web-based nVision does not support the run time prompts that are used in many LSU reports in the windows environment. A custom solution was developed that enables the use of prompts. This solution requires the creation of two new setup pages. Additionally, the queries that are used to generate the prompt data must be revised to fit with the new methodology. The layouts and report requests for these reports have also been replicated and modified to enable the reports to run on the web. The linked document displays the steps necessary to run a web-based nVision report with prompts. Additional documentation is available for development of the nVision reports that include prompts. The additional document includes query modification data as well as the new setup pages.


BI Publisher Reports:

Project Coordinators, Business Managers and Department Heads utilize the BI Publisher Reports as they review revenue and expenditure accounting activity. The reports can provide summary or detailed data depending upon the selected report and the parameters chosen by the manager. These reports are available in the PS9FSRPT database which is updated nightly. The BI Publisher Reports replace Crystal Reports.

For Detailed Information on how to access and run the BI Publisher Reports, please refer to the Bi Publisher Training Manual.

For a Report cross reference of the BI Publisher Report to the replaced Crystal Report, please refer to the Crystal to BI Publisher Report Cross Reference Document .