PeopleSoft Support

LSU Health PeopleSoft Human Resourcescomputer



LSU Health Sciences Center has implemented the following PeopleSoft HRMS Modules:

Human Resources: The foundation of PeopleSoft HRMS is the Human Resources module. Whenever a new person is brought into the enterprise, a new record is added to PeopleSoft Human Resources. This information is the basis for building a comprehensive history of the person's career in the organization and for performing tasks in all aspects of human resource management, including salary administration, benefits, payroll, and workforce-related planning.

Specific functionality includes:

  • Position Management - maintains vacant and filled position information across business units throughout the enterprise

  • Administer Workforce - creates and maintains employee actions

  • Plan Salaries - serves as repository for employee review data via the Performance Planning Review (PPR)

  • Monitor Absence - records leave taken by salaried monthly employees

  • Administer Training - accommodates scheduling and tracking of employee training courses

Once employee information is entered into the system, it can be worked with in a variety of ways, for example, generating printed reports, viewing summary data pages, and performing ad hoc online queries.

Base Benefits: The Base Benefits module enables the enterprise to manage its employee benefit programs. It allows the Human Resource team to:

  • Manually enroll employees and dependents into a benefit program

  • Calculate deductions for the employees based on their enrollment in benefit plans

  • Track benefits expenses for employees and business units

  • View a summary of employee benefit data online or in delivered reports

  • Create ad hoc reports to support the budget process

Payroll: The Payroll module provides all the tools to run an efficient payroll operation, from calculating federal, state, and local tax, to linking all personnel, benefits, and General Ledger information, to leveraging standard or customizable payroll reports. The Payroll module enables the enterprise to:

  • Define and manage earnings and deduction offerings

  • Process payroll data for biweekly and monthly pay groups

  • Provide documentation for validating employee time and attendance data

  • Produce management and operational reports

Time and Labor: The Time and Labor module records and tracks employee timesheets for payroll.