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Frequently Asked Questions  2012 9:49:19 AM


What should I do when the Password expiration message dialog box displays in the Citrix environment?
Always select No on the message dialog box. Changing your Password in the Citrix environment will lock you out of the system. Therefore, change your Password on you Windows Desktop and it will, automatically, update your Password in Citrix.

Why does the Launcher not display anything after double-clicking on it?
Some possible causes may be the following:

  1. You may be logged onto PeopleSoft in your current Citrix session. The Launcher does not let you reconfigure for a different database while you are logged onto PeopleSoft, so it only lists the current database or sometimes no databases at all. Either select the PS session running from the PS Desktop taskbar, or log off all PeopleSoft applications and restart the Launcher.
  2. Also, the PeopleSoft System and Database values will be blank the first time it is used and if the User's Profile had to be recreated due to an identified corrupted User Profile. The user will have to select the appropriate System and the Database from the combo boxes.
  3. One other reason may be that the user's current PS Database has been inactivated by the DBAs. In this instance, the user should contact the PS Help Desk at 504-568-HELP (4357) for assistance.

Will I still be able to access the PeopleSoft Applications from the Start Menu?
The Launcher (shortcut) icon on the desktop and the icon on the Start Menu were added by the Server Group and should always be available. At the present time any user may access any of the PeopleSoft applications from the PS Desktop Start Menu; however, to improve efficiency of the system and establish standard procedures the Navigation method via the Start menu may be removed at some future date.

Why is it necessary to logoff of Citrix via the Citrix Start button rather than exiting Citrix by clicking on the on the Citrix ICA Client titlebar?
When exiting Citrix, the user is actually logging off of a second Desktop (rather than a window) and, therefore, must logoff via a Start button, as with the Windows Desktop. Exiting Citrix by clicking the may lock you out of the system and will not disconnect the Citrix session.

Who should I contact if I experience any problems with PeopleSoft or the PeopleSoft Launcher that cannot be resolved by using the Task Manager?
For any problems experienced with PeopleSoft or the LSUHSC PeopleSoft Launcher, contact the PeopleSoft Help Desk at 504-568-HELP (4357). This includes HCSD