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Academic Self Service Delta Guide - April 2021  

This guide is a brief overview of changes to the PeopleSoft Campus Solutions application implemented in 2021.  Please click the title above to review the Delta Guide document if you were a user of previous versions of Faculty or Student Self Service. 

Student  Student Self Service

Click a task to launch the associated Job-Aid.



Sign On and Sign Off Instructions  
  Attention Former students: If you do not remember your network logon ID to access PeopleSoft please contact the appropriate Help Desk.  Former Shreveport students: (318) 675-6506 for former New Orleans students: (504) 568-HELP or (800) 303-3290



Financial Aid

  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Enrollment: Add Classes     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Financial Aid
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Enrollment: Drop Classes     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Pending Financial Aid
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Enrollment: Edit A Class     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Accept/Decline Awards
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Class Schedule     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Report Other Financial Aid
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Course History     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Student Permissions (Shreveport only)
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Grades     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Student Permissions (New Orleans only)
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Holds (Service Indicators)   PS_FN_STUDENT_FINANCIALS_1 Student Finances
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Program Advisor    


PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Tuition Protection Plan - GradGuard 

  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Term Information     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View 1098-T
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View To Do List     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 New Orleans Student Electronic Pay (Transact) 
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Transfer Credit Report     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Shreveport Student Electronic Pay (Transact)
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Unofficial Transcript   PS_FN_COURSE_MANAGEMENT_1 Search

PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Weekly Schedule

    PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Browse Course Catalog


Student Data Validation


    PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Search the Schedule of Classes

Personal Information

  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Modify Addresses      
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Modify Email Address      
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Modify Emergency Contact Information      
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Modify Phone Numbers      
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Modify Your Name      
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Health Record: Immunizations (New Orleans students only)      
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Health Record: Enter and Upload Manual (New Orleans)      
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Health Record: Enter and Upload Job Aid (New Orleans)      
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Student Health Records (New Orleans)      
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Student ID Number      


  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Admission Information      


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