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PS_FN_DEGREE_PROGRESS_1 Student Self Service

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Financial Aid

  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Enrollment: Add Classes     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Financial Aid  
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Your Class Schedule     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Accept/Decline Awards  
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Your Weekly Schedule     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Report Other Financial Aid  
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Your Grades     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Pending Financial Aid  
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Unofficial Transcript     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Sign Perkins Promissory Note (Future Release)  
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Your Course History     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Perkins Promissory Note (Future Release)  
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Transfer Credit Report     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Student Permissions (Shreveport only)  
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Holds (Service Indicators)        
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Your To Do List        
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Your Program Advisor        

Personal Information

  PS_FN_STUDENT_FINANCIALS_1 Student Finances  
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View Your Student ID Number     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Account Inquiry  
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Modify Your Phone Numbers     PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View 1098-T  
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Modify Your Emergency Contact Information        
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Modify Your Email Address        
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Modify Your Addresses        
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Modify Your Name        
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 View License and Certificates (New Orleans students only)        
  PTPP_FN_SMALL_CONTENT_ICN_1 Search the Schedule of Classes        
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