PeopleSoft Support Organization

Executive Steering Committee 

Kenneth Boe - Assistant Vice Chancellor for Information Technology, Executive Steering Chair, LSU Health New Orleans

Randy Rappold - PeopleSoft Technical Lead LSU Health New Orleans
Lanette Buie - Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Administration, LSU HCSD

James "Mickey" Kees - Chief Information Officer, LSU HCSD
Kenny Brown - Chief Information Officer, LSU Health Shreveport

Shelia Faour - Chief Financial Officer, LSU Health Shreveport
Wendy Simoneaux – Associate Vice Chancellor for Administration and Finance, LSU Health New Orleans


Financials Team


Financials Team Leads

Arlean Wehle, Director of Accounting Services (New Orleans)    
Steven McAlister, Manager of Purchasing (Shreveport)    
Mark Robichaux, Comptroller (HCSD)    
Bill Jennings, IT Project Coordinator (New Orleans)    

Financials Support Team  
Michele Gonzales, (Financials Functional Project Coordinator) (504) 568-4943
Barbara Doss (318) 675-8824
Richard Bucalan (504) 568-2018

HR/Payroll Team


HR/Payroll Team Leads

Lanette Buie, Deputy Chief Executive Officer (HCSD)    
Rosalyn Martin, Executive Director of Human Resources (New Orleans)    
Lisa Ebarb, Executive Director of Human Resources (Shrevport)    
Celina Coe, IT Project Coordinator (New Orleans)    

HR/Payroll Support Team  
Gina Bourgeois (HRMS Functional Project Coordinator) (504) 568-2051
Amy Walker (318) 675-7726
Jill Barrilleaux (504) 568-4705

Student Administration Team


Student Administration Team Leads

Kimberly Carmen, Registrar (Shreveport)    
Sherry Gladney, Director of Student Financial Aid (Shreveport)
Leigh Smith-Vaniz, Interim Registrar (New Orleans)
Patrick Gorman, Director of Student Financial Aid (New Orleans)
Vacant, Lead Campus Solutions Developer (New Orleans)    


Student Administration Support Team

Bridget Speir (SA Functional Project Coordinator) (318) 746-5015

End User Training


End User Training Support Team  
Talesia Williams, Director of Training (225) 223-1867
Karen O'Conner, (HCSD and Interim New Orleans) (225) 202-9461
Wanda G. Dooley, (Shreveport) (318) 675-7774  
Vacant, (New Orleans) N/A N/A