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Library Information

What are the Library hours?
The Isché & Dental Libraries hours differ.

Where is the Library located?
Both the Isché & Dental Libraries are located on the 3rd floor of their buildings. The Isché Library is located in the Resource Center Building on the downtown campus and the Dental Library is located in the Dental Administration Building on the City Park Campus.

Is there quiet study space in the Library?
The 5th floor of the Isché Library is a designated quiet study area. While the Libraries are committed to providing a calm quiet place to study, a certain amount of group discussion, business and cleaning activities must be allowed.

Is there public parking available near the Library?
Public parking for a fee is available at the Downtown Campus. Guest parking is available without cost at the City Park Campus.

Are the Libraries open to the public?
LSU Health Sciences Center Libraries are part of a state university and are open to the public with restrictions. After normal business hours, all non-LSUHSC visitors are asked to sign in with Campus Police and must have a valid driver's license or state ID. Please see the Visitor information page.


Library & Campus Computing

Are there public-use computers in the Library?
If a patron is directly affiliated with LSUHSC New Orleans, Academic Unit, their LSUHSC UserID and password will enable full access to computers in the Library Computer Labs and in the Library Commons area downtown. Outside patrons may use the Public Use Computers in the Libraries for searching Library resources only.

How do I connect to the Wireless?
Wireless access is available to patrons with LSUHSC UserIDs and passwords. Guest access to a wireless network is available in the Libraries; please inquire at either Circulation Desk for more information.

Who is my computer supporter?
Computer supporters are broken down by School but the Help Desk is available (504-568-HELP (4357) / 24 hours a day.


Where is...

the Akenhead Library?
The Akenhead Library is a conference room on the 4th floor in the Clinical Education Building (1542 Tulane Ave) in Room A416-2

the Bookstore?
There are 2 Bookstores for LSUHSC. The Health Sciences Bookstore is located on the 2nd floor in the Resource Center Building and the Dental Bookstore is located on the 3rd floor in the Dental Administration Building.

the Bursar's / Business Office?
The Bursar or Business Office is on the 1st floor of the Resource Center Building.

the Financial Aid Office?
The Financial Aid Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Resource Center Building.

the Parking Office?
The Parking Office is located on the 1st floor of the Resource Center Building.

the Registrar's Office?
The Registrar's Office is located on the 1st floor of the Resource Center Building.

the Student Health Services Office?
The Student Health Services Office is located on the 7th floor of the Lions Eye Center at 2020 Gravier St.

the Student Housing Office?
The Student Housing Office is located on the 2nd floor of the Residence Hall at 1900 Perdido St.


Who do I contact ...

for a departmental copy card?
Departmental Copy Cards are issued by Auxiliary Enterprises.

for a refund from the printer or photocopiers?
Refunds are issued by the Auxiliary Enterprises Pay Paw group at or 504-568-4452.

to reserve the Computer Classroom in the Isché Library?
Contact, more information on the classroom.

to reserve the Library Conference Room in the Isché Library?
Contact the Libraries' Business Manager, Mike Fallon at or 504-568-6105.


Campus Logins/userids ...

Library Barcode - access all Library services and resources: check-out materials, off campus access to resources & full text

  • 14 digit barcode sticker on back of LSUHSC ID
  • Register anytime during Libraries' hours at the Circulation Desk

LSUHSC Academic Unit Photo ID - critical campus identification, after hours access to LSUHSC campus, security, PayPaw

  • Student photo IDs are taken the day of your school's registration
  • All others contact the Office of the Registrar to make arrangements to have a photo ID made

Network ID and password - access to LSUHSC email account, Moodle, and off campus access to resources & full text via Open Athens

  • Register for Network privileges with Office of Computer Services; Network password changes every 70 days.
  • Change your password
  • Contact your computer support group for problems, or the Help Desk: (504) 568-HELP (4357)

Open Athens off campus access

  • LSU Health New Orleans faculty, staff, and students are eligible to access Library resources using OpenAthens.
  • All that is needed is your full LSUHSC-NO email and current password.

Pay Paw number - Pay Paw account access (allows LSUHSC ID to work like a debit card)

  • 10 digit number on the back of LSUHSC ID
  • Your account may have been set up at automatically, if not contact for assistance
  • LSUHSC PayPaw Services and online card office
  • PayPaw guest cards offering similar services are available to Library patrons not affiliated with LSUHSC. Available for $1 in the Isché Library or for sale in the bookstores.

Pay for Print Popup Client (printing on campus) - retrieve print jobs around campus for a fee.

  • Printing prompts for an ID and password
    • Identifies your printouts from others
    • Use the same username & password for all printouts, or create a new one every time
    • Printing Charges in the Library
  • Does not need to be your network LSUHSC ID & password

PIN - password for off campus access to Library resources and full-text

  • Used in conjunction with Library barcode for remote access
  • You create a PIN (You must have a Library barcode to create a PIN)

RefWorks log-in and password - to web-based bibliography and database manager

  • Create your own log-in and password that does not change
  • Create a personal database of references by either importing citations from online databases or entering manually


Updated January 2022