LSUHSC Zika Virus Forum Information

The LSUHSC Emergency Preparedness tab has been updated to include links about Zika Virus. You can now view the information discussed during the Zika Virus forum from Monday May 23, 2016.

The link includes:

  • Slideshow presentations from the event:
    • Diaz – “Epidemiology, Aedes Vector”
    • Dr, Lopez – “Clinical Picture”
    • England – “Neurological Complications”
    • Maupin – “Perinatal Review, Recommendations”
    • Gee – “Zika Update”
    • England – “Therapeutics and Research”
    • “Zika Take Home Messages”
  • Embedded Video
    • Entire Presentations from the Doctors listed above
    • Full panel Q&A session with all of the Doctors who presented

More information about Zika Virus from LSUHSC.